10 Healthy Recipes For Breakfast For Diabetics

Healthy recipes for breakfast

As a diabetic, breakfast is a meal you can’t afford to miss. The type of breakfast you eat impacts your health through the day, positively or otherwise. Your breakfast serves to regulate your blood sugar level for the rest of the day. Healthy recipes for breakfast should contain the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Here, we discuss 10 healthy recipes for breakfast for diabetics.

Oatmeal With Fruits Or Nuts

Oatmeal is a meal with high fiber content, helping to regulate your blood sugar level. Having your oatmeal with fruits or nuts brings you that extra sweetness and protein. An advantage of having oatmeal for breakfast is the fact that you don’t have to cook it in the morning. Overnight oatmeal mixed with milk or water also serves the purpose. Diabetics should have rolled or steel-cut oats as they’re less processed.

Smoothie With Berries And Greek Yogurt

Being a diabetic is not an excuse to say goodbye to smoothies. If you’re looking to have extra fruits and veggies in your diet, then having smoothies is the best way. You, however, have to make your smoothie balanced. Having berries and greek yogurt in your smoothie is a healthy way to have your dosage of fibers and protein at a go. Since you only need 4 ingredients to make this smoothie, you’ll also be able to save time if you’re in a rush. A key point is to keep your smoothies low in sugar.

Cheese healthy recipes for breakfast
Cheese healthy recipes for breakfast

Mushroom Burrito

This breakfast choice is extremely high in protein and fiber, as well as vitamins D and B additions. Combine eggs, mushrooms and cheese to have that tasty burrito you crave whilst also keeping your blood sugar level in check.

Nut Butter And Fruit Spread

For breakfast, you can also have bread rich in fiber (at least 3 grams), whole-grain waffles or pancakes spread with any nut butter, like peanut butter. To balance the meal, you should top with fresh fruit slices.

Egg Sandwich

Eggs, boiled, poached or scrambled, are high in protein. Since proteins are not easily digestible, they tend to help regulate your blood sugar level through the day. Therefore, having egg sandwiches for breakfast helps to keep your blood sugar level in check. It’s advisable you keep the sandwich balanced.

Zucchini Muffins

You can make these muffins with almond flour which is rich in protein and low in carbs. The included vegetable, zucchini, is non-starchy and low in carbohydrate. You get to keep your blood sugar level in check whilst also having an easily made and satisfying breakfast.

Chicken Or Turkey Sausage With Sweet Potato

Chicken or Turkey sausages are healthier than the bacon and beef counterparts. Having your sausage with sweet potato brings you that extra fiber and vitamin C. Add the potato after sauteing the ingredients and allowing them to cook.

Omelet healthy recipes for breakfast
Omelet healthy recipes for breakfast

Vegetable Omelet

Vegetables, like broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, are nutritious being high in fiber, vitamin C while simultaneously being low in carbs. Vitamin C helps to regulate your blood sugar level. When making omelets, add cooked vegetables and serve in whole-grain toast. Most cooking books endorse this meal.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is known for being high in protein, whilst being low in carbs. For breakfast, have your low-fat cottage cheese with fruits. This gives you the balance to keep your blood sugar level in check through the day.

Avocado Toast

Avocado is high in fiber, healthy fats and low in carbs. Have your toast made with avocado to get that balance to your blood sugar level through the day. You’ll also be able to stay full longer, thereby keeping your weight in check.


Skipping or having an unbalanced breakfast does not benefit you healthwise; your blood sugar tends to fluctuate. This is why you should have these 10 healthy recipes for breakfast for diabetics. One of these will give you a combination of tastiness and health that will get you through the day.

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