Have you ever thought of making your meals healthier? No doubt you might be eating nutritional meals; make them healthier with healthy cooking secrets.

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6 Best Healthy Cooking Secrets And Tips

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Have you ever thought of making your everyday meals healthier? No doubt you might be incorporating lots of whole grains and veggies in your dishes, you can still make them healthier by cooking them rightly. For instance – you can steam your veggies rather than boiling them and use less oil or fat to prepare your meals. Here are other healthy cooking secrets we will like to share with you.

Opt For Low-Fat Cooking

Using non-stick pans will prevent you from using less oil in your dishes. If you wish to use oil, go for sprays instead of pouring tablespoons of oil. Consider cooking your dishes in liquids like broth, juices, wine, etc. rather than cooking oils. Always use low-fat dairy items including milk and yogurt. When buying meat, prefer lean meats. Also, consider steaming your vegetables instead of sautéing them. You can roast them in the oven or even grill them. Further, use low-fat dips and pesto instead of butter and creams. 

Tip: Add unsaturated fats to your meals rather than saturated ones. You can use flaxseed or avocado oil instead of regular cooking oil or butter. Try not to heat these oils over and again to avoid the formation of toxic substances.

Learn How To Retain The Nutrients

Healthy cooking is about retaining the nutrients of the food you are cooking. Prep your food or cook in such a way that there is a minimal nutrient loss. Always scrub your fruits and veggies instead of peeling them as most nutrients are found in the skin. Do not boil the veggies but steam or roast them in the oven. You can also try pressure cooking or stir-frying the vegetables so as to retain the nutrients. Try to eat veggies raw whenever you can. Think of adding raw veggies to your diet such as lettuce, cucumber, beets, corn, cabbage, and broccoli, to name a few.

Always Use Less Salt

No doubt salt will add flavor to your dishes but the excess of it is always harmful. Reduce salt intake by using vinegar or olive oil in its place. You can use other healthy spices like mustard, cinnamon, etc. to make your dishes flavorful. Do not use canned or processed food as it is loaded with salt. Also, get rid of salt-laden foods like bread, pasta, chips, and so on. Avoid butter and cheeses as most of them are high in sodium. Also, use fewer sauces and processed condiments.

Tip: Herbs including oregano, coriander, black pepper, and ginger are ideal to add in stir-fry vegetable recipes.

Mix Up The Protein

Whosoever says meat is the greatest protein source is wrong. Instead of meat, try adding a mix of other protein foods in your daily diet. You can count on tofu, soybeans, lentils, beans, and green peas. Greek yogurt, peanut butter, almonds, quinoa, and hemp seeds are other good vegan protein-rich food staples. Choose your favorite protein foods and eat a good mix of them every day.

Try International Flavors

You might be totally relying on Chinese cuisine or Italian food. Instead of eating specific cuisine, try global flavors. Make use of spices like mustard, curry powder, turmeric, bay leaves, and cinnamon. These spices will make your food flavorful and healthy. If you are an American, experiment with Thai curries, Mediterranean salads, and Greek herbs. Do add Italian seasoning to give your dishes a touch of Italian cuisine. 

Count On Fiber

High-fiber foods will keep the digestive system functioning properly. Apart from fruits and veggies high in fiber content, you can rely on probiotic foods. Soft cheese, yogurt, dill pickles, and buttermilk work perfectly in improving gut health.

These are some healthy cooking secrets that will make your dishes more delicious, flavorful, and healthy!

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