Cheap Healthy Fast Food Options For Your Busy Family

cheap healthy fast food

There is nothing wrong with eating cheap healthy fast food every now and then. It’s just that you should do it in moderation. Most chains these days have healthy dishes that are both tasty and good for you. Some are even low calorie and that is good too since most people these days are trying to get as healthy as they can without going overboard. Just remember that you don’t have to give up your favorite places or items just because you’re trying to eat healthier.

Cheap Healthy Fast Food Options for Families

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Many fast food chains today offer a wide variety of healthy options like salads and wraps. Just be careful of what menu items you pick. Make sure you’re placing an order of either the salad without the mayonnaise. There aren’t usually any vegetarian options on cheap healthy fast food menus.

Even though many people think they are getting a good deal by choosing a lower cost item, sometimes cheap healthy fast food chains add fat back onto their foods. This is because they use fats like butter and bacon dressing on their burgers and chicken nuggets. Be careful of those high trans fat items and stick with a food that is low in calories and high in fiber. You’ll also want to avoid those loaded with calories and trans fat if you want a healthy meal plan.

One of the best options on the cheap healthy fast food menu is the tossed salad. Most of these salads have good amounts of vegetables and protein so you will be satisfied. Some of the better salads have generous amounts of crunchy, bright fruits like berries and grapes. Your tossed salad will be colorful and delicious if you pair it with a light, medium rare steak or a baked potato. You can make it tastier by adding some balsamic vinegar and white vinegar.

A great healthy fast-food meal option is the grilled chicken breast. Be sure to always choose the skinless breast meat. Skinless chicken breasts have less fat and fewer calories than the skinned ones. Use your favorite barbecue sauce to give it a nice flavor boost.

Another good choice on the cheap healthy fast food menu is the chicken fajita. This healthy meal is filled with fajita flavors from beef, chicken and even turkey. Make sure the meat is not overly spicy or you’ll get food poisoning. For a nice, warm texture, use tortilla chips to add extra texture and moistness. Add an additional layer of cheese on top of the fajita to round out the meal and you have a satisfying and healthy meal.

There is no bad choice among the three above choices for a healthy fast-food sandwich. The turkey breast has lots of lean protein and is very filling. You can add vegetables and fruits if you want, but the turkey breast is the best choice for its fiber content and overall nutritional value. The salad dressing for the turkey breast is a delicious and easy to make dressing as well. Add any type of fresh vegetables such as broccoli, bell pepper or cauliflower for that added crunch.

Low calorie and low fat sandwiches are also a great addition to your diet. Healthy wraps are available at your local deli. These wraps have less fat and calories than a traditional sandwich, and are loaded with healthy ingredients. These healthy wraps are also easy to prepare, which makes them a favorite in the summer.

In fact, the best fast food chicken cooler is made with lean protein and low fat. The recipe for this chicken cooler uses boneless, skinless chicken that is cooked on high in olive oil. The wrap is served on a warm buns bun with fresh salsa and crunchy lettuce, chopped tomatoes and your choice of tortilla chips. A dip is easy and adds tons of flavor to your meal. Add fresh guacamole and sour cream for a healthy boost.

If you enjoy a juicy beef or steak, but cannot stand the fat, you might want to try the veggie burger king. This fast casual entree contains American beef, Canadian bacon and a secret family recipe of vegetables. The patty is made with ground beef, and the patty is covered in mashed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. A side of fresh veggies is included on the side, and it’s served on a toasted buns with a secret sauce that is made with bacon fat and real Italian cheese.

End Note

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There are many other cheap healthy fast food options that you can enjoy if you are trying to eat less and lose weight. The key is to be creative and make healthy choices. You should not have to sacrifice taste and enjoyment just because you are trying to get rid of some calories. When you start eating healthier and serving yourself with these inexpensive options, you will find yourself eating more often and with bigger portions. You will also be able to enjoy more tasty foods because they will be made with whole foods and less fat and more flavor.

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