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Dessert Healthy Recipes

Some dessert healthy recipes and substitutes. A person who has a sweet tooth and is diagnosed with diabetes might have to stop eating desserts, and that’s just like living a monk’s life. Healthy eating and lifestyle habits might be a task for some people, but the world has been made better by introducing healthy dessert recipes. Since the amount of sugar is the most in any dessert, some of the sugar substitutes in desserts to make it healthy are Agave Nectar or syrup, coconut sugar, honey, and maple syrups, fruit concentrates, molasses, and much more.

Dessert Healthy Recipes

A bowl of fruit on a plate

When looking for a healthy dessert, it’s important to note that what one person considers “healthy” while others might not. For example, a person who avoids gluten may not be too concerned about their sugar content, and someone who looks at their carbs may still be a dairy farmer. Each dessert should be tailored according to one’s health goals. Still, there is something on this list for everyone!

Some of the dessert healthy recipes are-

Raw fudge brownies- These are no bakes, vegan fudge brownies. They are made with whole, uncooked ingredients and topped with cooked coconut chocolate that you will die for.

Healthy gluten-free choco-chip cookies- These almond butter choco-chip cookies are gluten-free, pure sugar, and grain-free from almond butter, maple syrup, and almond flour. They are the perfect healthy substitutes for your traditional choco chip cookies!

Healthy Peanut Banana Muffins- Who can say no to muffins? Packed with protein, healthy six ingredients, and of course, dark chocolate chip cookies are a perfect match to tone down your cravings.

More Ideas

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Here are some more suggestions you might want to check out.

Calorie Brownies- There are not the regular high-calorie brownies but low-calorie brownies that are super healthy and can be one of the best dessert healthy recipes. If you want a very low-quality dessert, you can’t beat these brownies. Two important tips to make these low-calorie brownies better are- use precise proportions and under bake the brownies! Voila!

Peanut Butter Oat Energy Bites- Eating a dessert to boost your energy that is too healthy. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Little nuts, some candies, a little chocolate, and lots of sweetness. Grab some of them while out for work out!

Snickerdoodle Donuts- Donuts? They are fried! But these snickerdoodle donuts are better than the regular fried ones. The dough is moist and tasty, and a bit of cinnamon sugar and a small amount of sweetness makes it a healthy dessert! So there is no need to pull this off with icing sugar.


Substituting sugar and chocolates and with the right amount of ratio of the substitutes, one can now satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising anything! If you are looking to consume only healthy eatables and are not willing to compromise on the taste as well, we might have some interesting and healthy recipes here. All of these are easy ideas and if you have learnt some basic baking skills, you should already be using it to try these dishes.

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