Dinnerware Sets For The Perfect Salad

A clean kitchen. A spotless dining area. Perfect dinnerware sets. Healthy food. These are all that we aim for when it comes to where we prepare food. What we eat them with. What we eat. And when it comes to wellness, the trend keeps shifting. Except for one staple. Salads. But do you really know the truth about salads? Their myths? Read on to find out!

Dinnerware Sets For The Perfect Salad

Dinnerware Sets: Salad Truths And Myths

Those leafy greens. Collard greens, to some. Multicolored fruits. Croutons. Dressings galore. An assortment of meat on top. These comprise salads served in your favorite restaurants. And because they’re just so darn delicious, you’ve chosen to imitate their recipes to have these glorious munchies at home.

Rightly so. Salads are definitely a whole tier higher than any kind of fast food and/or junk food out there. Instead of popping open that bag of artificially made, processed and preserved bag of chips, a bowl of greens will always be the better alternative. No doubt about that.

However, speaking in the strict sense of eating salad for you to lose weight. Now, this is a whole different story altogether.

cheese served on tray

Healthy Salads Vs. Loaded Salads

We’re using the word “loaded” because salads are, after all the healthier choice when choosing between them and all foods junk. On the other hand, there IS a line drawn between salads for weight loss and merely, well, salads.

For the first, the difference lies in the add-ons. Yes, you’ve got those veggies in the mix. Lots of leaves. Fruits from A to Z. But… there’s a huge but (pun not intended), you’ve also chosen to get those add-ons in. Croutons, croutons, and more croutons. Meat items such as the all-time-favorite bacon (oh no!). Fried pork bits. Shredded and marinated beef sauteed in the best yet the most sugar and oil-filled marinade. In other sets, nachos.

Plus, those dips. Yes, those yummy, dreamy, flavorful dips. Cheese and more cheese. Mayo. Ketchup. Mustard. Honey. Vinegar (most vinegars are high in sugar). You name it. When added to the supposedly healthy greens, they make the whole bunch “heavier”.

Dinnerware Sets For The Perfect Salad

Also, those sides may not be the best thing when it comes to cutting down on unnecessary carbs and sugar. Remember, it’s the little things, the little add ons, the little sides. They’re usually the culprit when it comes to our weight that’s difficult to shed off.

The big meals and big servings that we get during meal times, they’re not the problems. We’re simply eating our fill during the allocated times of the day when the body needs to replenish. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But the small food items we think will do no harm. Well, they’re the exact opposite. Because your mind will tell you that these are “small” food items, the tendency is to have more, and more, and more of them. And before you know it, the sides have become just as big as an entire in itself.

So be careful, even of the “smalls.” Overall, it’s about balance. It always is.

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