Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes
Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

There are numerous easy healthy dinner recipes that you can cook at home. These are not only delicious but takes much less time to prepare.

Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe: Creamy Chicken Marsala

Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes
Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

The creamy chicken masala recipe is delicious and an easy healthy dinner recipe. It takes hardly forty-five minutes to cook the entire dish.


Four pieces of chicken breasts (boneless and skinless)

One cup flour (all-purpose)

Black pepper freshly ground

Koshar salt

Two tablespoon butter

One tablespoon virgin olive oil

Eight ounces cremini mushrooms or baby Bella (sliced)

Two cloves minced garlic

Three-fourth cup marsala wine

Three-fourth cup chicken broth (low-sodium)

One-third cup heavy cream

Two tablespoons freshly parsley (chopped)

Cooked angel hair, (for serving)

Direction To Prepare The Dish

Season the flour with salt and pepper. Dredge the chicken in the flour.

Over medium heat in a large skillet, melt butter (one tablespoon) and olive oil. Add the chicken and cook for ten minutes until the chicken turns golden on both sides.

Making of Marsala sauce: It is easy to make the sauce. Take a skillet and melt the remaining butter and add mushrooms. Cook for six to eight minutes until the mushrooms are golden and release the liquid. Add garlic and season with salt.

Add marsala wine, heavy cream, chicken broth, and parsley to a simmer. Put the chicken to the skillet and spoon the sauce over chicken breasts. Cook for ten minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Serve the Creamy Chicken Marsala over the angel hair.

Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe: Chicken Parmesan

There are hundreds of chicken recipe, but Chicken Parmesan is the favorite. It is one of the easy healthy dinner recipes to make that a layperson could cook it. Just coat the chicken in flour and then whisked in egg, and bread crumbs. Season it with salt and garlic. This much is to do for the delicious dish.


For The Chicken

One and a half pound chicken cutlets (boneless and skinless)

Two large eggs (beaten with one cup of water)

Half cup flour (all-purpose)

One and a half cup bread crumbs

Half teaspoon garlic powder

Kosher salt

Fresh black pepper (grounded)

One cup Mozzarella (shredded)

Vegetable oil

The Marinara

Two tablespoons virgin olive oil

Twenty-eight-ounce tomatoes (crushed)

Half onion (finely chopped)

Four cloves sliced garlic

Kosher salt

Three-fourth cup water

Black pepper (grounded)

Red pepper flakes (crushed)

Two tablespoon parsley (chopped)

More parsley for garnish

How To Prepare The Dish?

Take three bowls, one for the flour, the other with eggs mixture and another with bread crumbs, parsley, and garlic mixed with a fork. Now, season chicken with pepper and salt. Coat the chicken with flour, then dip the chicken in egg then into the mixture of the egg.

Firstly preheat the oven over 400 degrees. Take a cast-iron skillet,  add a half cup of oil and when it is hot — Cook for six to seven minutes after adding the chicken until it is golden.

Marinara making:  Take a pot over medium heat, after heating the oil add garlic and onion and cook for four minutes. Add in water and tomatoes and season with salt, red pepper flakes and black pepper. Cook for about ten minutes stir in parsley after removing from heat.

Pour sauce in a baking dish and place the chicken in it. Top with mozzarella and cook for ten to twelve minutes until the cheese melting and turn golden.

Garnish with parsley and serve the dish.

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