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Food Containers For Healthy Snacks

Snacking is one thing, but snacking on the wrong food is another. This is where you and I have a teenie bit of trouble. You’re probably like us. We don’t eat heavy meals, as in pig-heavy. So you often wonder why your weight just doesn’t seem to be going down. Even if you’ve cut down on “white carbs” from your meal plans.

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Well, we believe it isn’t because of the amount of what you eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s what you eat, how much you eat of it, and how often you eat it… when it comes to snacks. Instead of putting those unsaturated fat-filled chips in your food containers, why not go with dehydrated fruits and veggies? And other healthy chips?

Food Containers: The Right Kind Of Chips

So you’re a chip-buff just like us. Not the kind as in someone who loves going to casinos, not THAT chip-buff. Although if you are too, no judgment here. Go ahead and live your life the way you want to. But for the first, well, it’s addictive. And we know that you know what we mean. That’s a play on the I-know-that-you-know-that-they-know-that-I-know pun. Get it?

There’s that mystery of why chips are just oh-so-super addicting and addictive. What is in the simple potato chip that leaves you wanting more? And then after a second bag, you still think you haven’t had enough?

There’s no magic potion, of course. Though it does seem so. Maybe some wizard or witch work for these chip mega-con the basis of them being hired, to pronounce their magic on those thinly made, crispy bites. I mean, who knows, right? It could happen. Maybe. Okay okay, maybe not. But the thought is intriguing, isn’t it? Lol.

Regardless of whether magic was used or not… Oh alright, magic was NOT used. Not to mislead you or anything of the sort. The truth can’t be hidden much longer, not that it was ever hidden in the first place. Artificially manufactured chips having no nutrients in them. None, whatsoever, for most. For others, maybe a few carbohydrates. But other than that, they’re just really, well, junk, to your body. So why are we mentioning what you already know?

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The Alternative

It’s the habit of putting a munchie in your mouth when you’re working, reading, watching Netflix, or simply doing nothing. It’s not so much that you’re so hungry you could eat a bull. Just small hunger pangs that aren’t exactly asking for a full meal. Tiny bites of anything worth having.

And because potato chips, the overly processed ones, aren’t at all filling, your mind is tricked into thinking that you can still have more. So more do you have? Yes, you do. We do. If stopping isn’t yet an option for you, try switching it up. Ever heard of veggie chips? Not just chips that have the words “veggie” on the packaging. We’re talking about natural, organic vegetables that were sundried (or dehydrated by the use of a machine), seasoned and friend and then packed.

Not all products that say they’re made with real vegetables are ACTUALLY made with real vegetables. You have to scout and go out of your way. Go to your local organic grocery or any similar shop where you can be sure that the ingredients they use and their method of production are natural. Meaning the original fruit or vegetable was done little to. So that its nutrients remain intact and unprocessed. Food containers are indeed essential.

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