Healthy Appetizers For Family And Friends

Healthy Appetizers: Recipes
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Healthy Appetizers For Summer

There are a lot of exciting opportunities and celebrations in the summer. For some particular dietary restriction, you have to balance for the right delicious food for the party while keeping your diet healthy. Somehow here are some of the tasty recipes for your party menus in the summer.

Stuffed Mini Peppers

Spinach Artichoke stuffed mini peppers are so delicious enough to double as dinner. It is one of the best healthy appetizers. Using the reduce fat cream and the Greek Yogurt makes it a skinny appetizer with flavors.

Stuffed Vegetables, Provence

Mini BLTs

It is so simple to prepare for the morning or your summer party. Slice the bottom of a small tomato to allow it to sit straight. Fill it with your favorite dressing like bacon slice, arugula leaf, blue cheese, and ranch.

Jalapeno Salsa Pineapple Flavor

As pineapple favorite fruit of summer, add some spice from Jalapeno with some of your favorite veggies to make the delicious and healthy summer appetizer.

Healthy Appetizers: Turkey Meatball Appetizer With Cranberry Glaze

There are hardly any leftovers of the Turkey Meatballs.  Serving from the oven of all meatballs appetizers with chopped green onions and toothpicks are delicious.


Two pounds turkey meatballs

One small minced onion

Half cup bread crumbs

One teaspoon sage (grounded)

Half teaspoon thyme

Half teaspoon parsley (dried)

Pepper and salt to taste

Cranberry Graze

Four cups cranberry (fresh or frozen)

Half cup of water

Half cup orange juice

One and three-cup sugar

One tablespoon raspberry jam

One tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Four to five green onions (chopped)

Preparations of Meatballs

Heat your oven to 350 degrees and mix all the ingredients for the turkey meatballs. Shape the mixture in one-inch meatballs and put them on a baking sheet one inch apart. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Take a saucepan and add fresh cranberries, sugar, water, and orange juice and bake it over low heat. Cook the mixture until the cranberries burst and the berries break. Add raspberry and orange syrup and stir the strain. Put the meatballs in a baking dish and cover them with the cranberry glaze and bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle the dumplings with chopped green onion and serve them with toothpicks.

Broccoli With Cheese, Indian, Food

Healthy Appetizers: Broccoli Cheese

As we love to keep foods in the casserole, we make some dishes, broccoli, and cheese. When you don’t feel like cooking, it is simple to make it. It is a perfect buttery crunch with cheese and cream by adding  Ritz. You can mix vegetable like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and green beans to the casserole. To stretch further, you may also chicken with broccoli for a meal.


Cooking spray

Half cup of butter

Two large eggs (beaten)

One cup mayonnaise

Fifteen ounce cream of mushroom soup

Two cups shredded cheddar

Three-fourth cup parmesan (freshly grated)

One tablespoon Dijon mustard

Kosher salt

Black pepper (freshly grounded)

One pound frozen broccoli (chopped)

Parsley (freshly chopped for garnish)

Step By Step Method For Cooking

Grease a casserole dish with cooking spray and preheat oven at 350 degrees. Take a pan, add butter, eggs, soup, and season with pepper and salt.

Place broccoli on the dish. Pour the mixer of the saucepan over the broccoli and sprinkle it all over with RITZ.

Bake for thirty minutes until it turns golden and bubbling.

Before serving the Broccoli Cheese Appetizer use parsley.