Healthy Batch Cooking Tips – Prepare Easy Meals In No Time

healthy batch cooking

However, when you pre-heat food in small batches, you and the entire family can enjoy healthy snacks and meals throughout the whole week without too much fuss.

Cooking in small batches will also save you cooking time in the future. Batch foods are easy to prepare, and you can use them over again if you like. This allows you to save time by not having to create duplicate dishes. Also, healthy batch cooking allows you to serve everyone in your household more food because you have extra time to make sure that all of your family members get the exact same dish. You won’t have to serve cold, reheated leftovers to everyone once a week or twice a month.

Cook In Small Amounts

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When you cook in small amounts, it’s easier to control the portion sizes of your meals. Since frozen food portions are predetermined, there is no need to worry about what size serving of chicken you should make or if you should serve a serving of vegetables. Even serving different portions to different people within a family will be easy because everyone will know what they are getting. It also allows you to make sure that each person gets a healthy serving of chicken or fish or what they want if you want to make adjustments to the recipe later on.

Many people who learn healthy batch cooking for the first time worry that they aren’t making enough for a family of twelve. This is definitely not true; even with a large family there is always plenty of food leftover. There will probably be leftover veggies and meats that will be perfect for meals the next day and maybe even tomorrow. All you need to do is to plan how much of each ingredient you’ll be purchasing and then adjust your grocery list accordingly.

Save Money

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If you want to teach your kids how to eat healthy and save money at the same time, then snack trays and healthy meal kits are a great way to do it. Kids generally don’t eat as much junk food as adults, so using these kits to teach your children to snack on healthy foods instead of those high calorie snacks will be a big help. When your kids get healthier snacks to eat, they will spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals.

It’s also important to teach your family members how to prepare food together in healthy batches. When you cook in small amounts, sometimes you end up with leftovers. By showing your family members how to cook together and how to portion their ingredients, you will help them become more responsible cooks and you won’t have to constantly spend time correcting errors.

Planning Your Meals

You can always find extra ingredients to cook with when you run out, but by having everyone learn to prepare things together, you will ensure that you always have plenty of food for dinner. After all, that’s why family members are in your home: to eat dinner with you.

You can also use your existing healthy batch cooking tips to help with planning your meals. For example, if you already have microwave ovens in your kitchen but are tired of taking your lunch to work in the mornings, try to warm up some water and turn on the microwaves. You can take a handful of your healthy ingredients, put them in water or a blender and warm them up before taking a healthy muffin to work. Your muffin will be full of nutrients and you won’t have to worry about it getting cold halfway through your lunch hour.


Healthy batch cooking ideas are fun and can make cooking for your entire family a snap. When you use the methods that you have read, you can be guaranteed to be able to easily prepare healthy dishes without spending hours in the kitchen. Your kids will love the ingredients that you put into each meal because they are freshly made and healthy, fresh ingredients that are easy to find. They will also love how easy it is to eat healthier, grab a plate, and enjoy your meal with a glass of juice afterwards.

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