Healthy Cooking With Chef Stephanie Means Baking In Comfort

kc healthy cooking

For those desiring to experience a different way of cooking, KC healthy cooking is your answer! Healthy cooking doesn’t mean bland and boring! With various new recipes and dishes, healthy eating has never been more exciting! Try out some of the new favorites:

Breakfast served up with PB&A’s, a fruit parlor, and a bowl of our house-made oatmeal and juice, makes for an excellent morning start! Casual stop for health conscious, locally influenced fare such as whole wheat bread & banana smoothie. Fresh fruit is a must on this diet. Make a banana smoothie in the morning to keep you on track with the daily fruit requirements! Pair it with a cup of our house-baked coffee.

If you are having trouble staying on track with your vegetables, try this delicious brunch served up with whole wheat pita bread, mushroom soup, and a side of coleslaw. Rely on our house-baked Belgian omelet for protein, which is easy to digest when paired with our strawberry yogurt for a rich taste. Top off your brunch with fresh berries and a sliced banana. This is a delicious way to start your day!

Happy Hour Specials Serves With KC Healthy Cooking

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Happy Hour Specials serves up a variety of dishes to make it worth your while to check out our menu. The most popular is our Chicken Lollipop. Choose from our chicken marinade, chicken noodle soup, or a tossed salad. Add on a cup of our house-baked beer for that authentic lolly pop feel. Other options include our spicy chili recipe, our Thai chicken Pho, or our Japanese eggplant. Add on a slice of warm French bread with a side of freshly tossed tortilla chips for added texture and flavor.

Our salads are another popular option for lunch and dinner. Try our Garden Delight Dressing Dip served on our Armani Exchange bread for an easy way to top off your greens. For lunchtime, we serve up our roasted tomatoes, cucumber salad, and our Spinach Salads. For dinner we serve up our chicken ala king salad with our house-made fettuccine Alfredo sauce. Other salad options include our Caesar Salad with Pecans and our Golden Tuna Salad with Cucumbers and Roasted Eggs.

Grilled Chicken Salad

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As for side dishes, our guests love our grilled chicken salad with our buffalo Chicken salad. Other side dishes include our macaroni and cheese, our creamy vegetable pasta, and our California tortilla soup. It’s the perfect way to end your meal with a bang. The meals offered on our Buffet Table are prepared by professional chefs who specialize in preparing nutritious, delicious meals. You can trust their expertise.

For dessert, many of our guests prefer our Signature Pizzas. Our famous Buffalo Chicken Pizza is made with our signature buffalo wing sauce and topped with our homemade garlic bread crumbs. Another favorite is our Kalua pig baked on a traditional charcoal grill. It’s topped with fresh baby carrots, our tangy Kalua pig salsa, and our sweet cinnamon cashews.

Freshly Baked Chicken Parmesan

After the buffet table has been served, our guests are treated to freshly baked chicken parmesan and fresh salad made from our spinach, kale, and beets. No trays or plates are needed, as all of these are offered by the buffet line. Each of these dishes can be served as a starter and an entree. A variety of flavors such as spicy chicken, buffalo chicken, spinach-kale, fresh vegetables, and our signature cashew cream make this an excellent choice for your next event.

Signature Tahini Picnic Plate

As an entree, the Signature Tahini Picnic Plate is a seven servings large platter that includes our delicious tuna salad, our spicy black bean salad, and our tasty walnut pesto chicken salad. The pita bread is prepared by our signature flour tortilla and the chicken salad is served on our baked potato. The avocado and walnut pesto make an excellent sandwich. Pair it with a California strawberry pizza and a cappuccino for a sweet treat.

Our chicken parmesan and tuna salad was topped with our signature creamy Alfredo sauce. Then, for dessert we served our signature blended coconut cream pie. It consists of two fresh frozen bananas, three eggs, two cups of cream, one cup of skim milk, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Blend all of these ingredients together until smooth. This delicious pie is topped with our ice cream and granola cereal for a delicious after dinner dessert.

Last Words

For desert, the Signature Pecan Barrel-Aged Creamy Chocolate Bar is our creamy peanut butter chocolate with an incredible tangy, fruity flavor. Then, serve up our signature wild rice pudding with peach and mixed greens or lettuce, tomato, and garlic. Our dessert menu offers up our signature banana bread with peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream or strawberry shortcake with chocolate chips and granola. The Signature Pecan Barrel-Aged Creamy Chocolate Bar and our Wild Rice Pudding are great deserts.

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