Not So Healthy Dinner Options

Healthy Dinner Options

It is very natural to binge eat on sugary and fried food items as we have been eating them since our childhood and they taste very good. But these foods are only empty calories, which do not do us any good. They only make us sick, make us feel bloated, makes us acidic and very drowsy. They also lead to an eventual weight gain. Following a healthy diet inclusive of nuts, fruits, vegetables and easily digestible food items makes us feel fuller and satisfied for longer time. A healthy diet also replenishes the body’s need of a balanced meal. 

Not-So-Healthy Dinner Options That You Must Avoid

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  1. White Rice: This is one of the unhealthiest foods. White rice is full of starch. A person feels heavy, lethargic and sleepy after having white rice. The body just stores it as fat and these lead to weight gain and flatulence. If you must have white rice, you can include a small portion for lunch but avoid it during dinner.
  2. Fried Foods: These often lead to acidity and flatulence in the body. The body needs only a small amount of food to survive especially when the body is into fasting. We tend to binge eating on these foods which makes the body store the excess food as fat. 
  3. Caffeine: Too much of caffeine in beverages like tea and coffee make you acidic and sick. These are best consumed with some food. Hence it’s good to avoid them. 
  4. Carbonated Beverages: The high sugar content in these drinks makes you lethargic after consuming them. 
  5. Refined sugar or food containing too much of sugar: We tend to eat fried and sugary foods after a meal. While eating is moderation is fine, eating them in larger quantities contributes to weight gain. Eat a very small portion of these items even if you must to satisfy your sugar craving.
  6. White Flour: Avoid processed food items like white flour. They are devoid of roughage and fiber important for your bowel movements. They are also devoid of nutrients and are only full of empty calories which will make you feel full but lack in essential nutrition.
  7. Food containing additives and preservatives: Again, packed food items contain a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives which are bad for the body. They make you feel fuller for very less time and then quickly make you hungry again. 
  8. Foods containing a lot of salt: This kind of food is very bad for your blood pressure. These make you feel sick and also hike your blood pressure. Always go low on the salt content if you want to follow a healthy diet.

A vegan diet is currently the new fad for healthy diet. The fruits and vegetables along with balanced portions of soy milk, tofu and whole grains provide with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins a body needs. Sufficient fluids should also be had to keep the body hydrated. You should avoid these not-so-healthy food options if you are watching your weight.

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