Oil-Free Dinner Recipes

Oil-free dinner recipes are something I haven’t found in any cookbooks that I have seen. I guess it’s because oil-free cooking is something very new to me. There are some recipes online for things I am sure I have heard of before, but know how to make them.

Oil-Free Dinner Recipes

The Idea Of Oil Free Dinner Recipes

So when I read that there were some oil-free dinner recipes available, I was intrigued to check them out. And I’ve made a lot of meals that I will admit taste a lot better than anything I can buy in the grocery store, but still have a high-calorie count. Many times they are great alternatives to ready-made meals that cost much more and can be unhealthy. The things I have eaten this way have been salads, grilled meat and vegetables.

Oil-Free Dinner Recipes: Dried Beans

You can also use dried beans, spices and dressings to add flavour to your meal. These have only been recently available in a healthy way. I would suggest searching for them at your local health food store or local ethnic market. Just as you add extra calories to a meal by overdoing things like butter and other fatty foods, you will be putting extra calories into a healthy meal by using too little of the ones you love. There are so many different oils that you can use that you should be able to find an oil-free meal that suits your taste.

Oil-Free Dinner Recipes: Choose Oil-Free Dressing

You can start by choosing the oil-free dressings with olive oil, water, corn starch, vinegar, or rice flour. If you don’t want to go all-natural, you can choose less expensive cooking oil. I have used olive oil and coconut oil for appetizers.

Cooking With Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil on its own can make things like cucumbers crispy and crunchy. Use it to add flavours to your salads and to top those little pizzas you make. If you add it to a brownie mix, it can take the traditional white chocolate or peanut butter breakfast cake and make it even healthier. One thing you could try is baking your Instant Popcorn. You can add the Instant Popcorn to a skillet and then bake it. That way you are adding moisture without having to use butter or fat.

Oil-Free Dinner Recipes To Keep You Healthy
Oil-Free Dinner Recipes To Keep You Healthy

Add A Little To Your Pizzas

Add a little to your pizzas or if you make a big pizza, just roll it up and slice it into wedges. If you like, use it as a topping for burgers. Some of the French fries I have baked on the grill at home have had a nice thick coating of it on them. Use it for your salads and make sure you add the full olive oil spread to the dressing. For stuffed cabbage, dip it in the dressing and then into the panko bread crumbs.

Homemade Pesto

You can use it for homemade pesto. You can also use it to dress your fish and other seafood dishes. Try it with a salad and some other dips, like coleslaw. Of course, you can use it on your pizza crust. Just add a little to the dough. It won’t replace margarine, but it can help to take the taste out of greasy pizza.

Summing Up

Using recipes like these for dinner recipes has made me a lot healthier, and I’m pretty sure yours will be the same. There are so many wonderful recipes out there that you will be able to add something to that is not bad for you. I would recommend trying some of these ways to add flavour to your meals and to lower your total fat intake.

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