Some Healthy Breakfast Dishes For Your Busy Mornings

Healthy Ideas For Breakfast That You Will Love

If you want some healthy breakfast dishes, here is the list. Let us first try to find why that is so, as lunch or dinner is equally necessary. So what is all fuss about this particular breakfast meal? If we read the name carefully, it carries the inner meaning itself, breaks the fast. This meal breaks the overnight fast, which is the longest in our daily biological cycle. The gap between the two meals should not be more than 3-4 hours. But the gap between dinner and breakfast is 8-10 hours long. So, nutritionally, your body is at its lowest during the breakfast time if you tend to skip that your body may malfunction in several ways. I hope now you understand the immense significance of this particular meal.

People who skip breakfast may feel sleepy, exhausted, and bloated throughout the day. As glucose is the primary fuel of our body, breakfast should consist of lots of carbohydrates and protein for muscle growth. And unfortunately, we always tend to skip breakfast for may reasons. We tend to do this repetitively, Mainly for pure laziness, getting late to office, or unavailability of breakfast ingredients in our kitchen.

healthy breakfast dishes
healthy breakfast dishes

Recipe Of Some Healthy Breakfast Dishes

Greek yogurt is a speedy yet nutritious option for your busy mornings. It is just like regular yogurt, packed with vitamins and calcium. But it doubles in protein percentage than regular yogurt. Prefer to use plain greek yogurt and not the flavored ones that are available in the market usually also contain loads of synthetic sugar. If you find the plain ones a little bit bland, you can always add some fried flaxseeds or oats. Or you can add some berries or nuts to grab and go. Yogurt also regulates the body’s reflux index.

Another quick recipe is the fresh fruit salad. Due to a low metabolism rate, sometimes you may not feel a big appetite in the early morning. But still, don’t skip it, instead, just cut some fresh fruits for yourself. Please don’t fall for packaged fruit juices as they are harmful in so many ways. They do not contain fruit vitamins and natural sugar. They are only loaded with synthetic sugars and added flavors. Moreover, doctors are saying to chew and eat whole fruit is especially useful for your digestive system.

healthy breakfast dishes
healthy breakfast dishes

Some Other Recipes

Plan some time in the morning to cook some easy breakfasts and shop accordingly. Buy some peanut butter and gluten-free bread and store them in the refrigerator. Next morning grab a loaf, spread the butter, and you are good to go. Wrap it and eat on the way to the office if you are super late. You can also mix peanut butter with your morning cereals. Try to put some whole grain items in the morning as it reduces heart attack risk and obesity.

Buy some quinoa and add it with some sweet milk over a hot stove. Stir it for five minutes, and you are good to go.

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