What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?

What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?

The world of seafood is diverse, and you’ll find some shrimp recipes that are made with the “big boys” while others are made with the “little guys.” It’s all in the proportions, texture, and flavor of the shrimp that will decide if the dish is right for you.

A Quick Overview About Shrimp Recipes

What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?
What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?

If you’re a fish lover, your meal options are more or less unlimited. But, if you’re a shrimp fan, you’ve probably considered what you would like to eat. Have you ever thought about making shrimp recipes that are actually based on this crustacean?

Shrimps are perfect. They are a staple in any healthy dinner and they have a reputation as being high in nutritional value. For many people who avoid seafood because of the reputation, these same folks find out they really love shrimp recipes.

But don’t let the term “shrimp recipes” put you off. This delicious crustacean is easily prepared and can be paired with virtually any type of sauce and makes a great appetizer.

When thinking about shrimp recipes, think light green, delicate white. Even though shrimp is often considered a “light green” shrimps, because of its relatively large size, you can use other colors if you want to.

How Can You Make Your Shrimp Recipes More Delicious And Healthy?

A good place to start is with red mayonnaise. Redon white works especially well for shrimp because of the red on yellow contrast. The lightness of the dressing will help accentuate the shrimps and keep them from away from the flavor of the dish.

Next, think about dipping shrimp into a mix of vinegar and mayonnaise. You can also choose a blend of either white or yellow as well. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing because you have a great mix of flavors to play with.

Adding a touch of white zest, lemon or lime juice is another good way to enhance the flavor of the dish. Although you will add flavor to the dish by using these combinations. Don’t forget that shrimp isn’t the only ingredient that you need to consider.

Fresh herbs are always a great addition to any dish. Fresh basil, for example, adds a unique taste that will help complement the shrimps. Above all, because fresh herbs do require some extra preparation, you should consider using dried herbs.

What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?
What Makes Shrimp Recipes Healthy?

You can also add in some spices such as pepper, garlic powder, or dried thyme. In some cases, those combinations can be quite extensive and difficult to get just right. Using a more basic spice combination such as cumin or smoked paprika will keep things a little simpler.

Final Words

Making shrimp recipes is easy when you think about the different ways to pair them up. All you need to do is make sure you’re combining a good sauce with your shrimps and you’ll have a great and healthy recipe.

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