Yummy And Healthy Smoothies For Your Kids

If you feel that your child does not have sufficient nutrients in their body, then you would want to make them have healthy smoothies. The smoothie is a drink prepared from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

oats with cream and strawberries

The smoothie content in them does not have to use sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. When you want to use vegetables and fruits, then the smoothies can be made easily. These are immensely healthy for kids who are less than ten years of age.

Healthy Smoothies Recipes That Can Be Made

Children are sometimes particular on how their food appears and presented. When they presented well, then they tend to consume it without complaining. The healthy smoothies are nutritious and tasty.

This is the main reason we have provided some excellent healthy smoothies recipes that you can prepare at home. You can add the fruits and vegetables that you want to include in them. They are not only easy to make but also simple to consume.

You need a good blender too to prepare them. Not to mention, you need to add some ice to it. The first recipe is quite simple. It is the grape smoothie. The grape smoothie comes made out of grapes.

The quantity depends on your requirement. To prepare the grape smoothie, you need to use some grapes, grape juice, pineapple with juice, ice, milk, and seasonings. Add the contents in the blender and mix them until they become a proper smoothie.

You can add some water if you want. There is a fruit yogurt smoothie, which is also a simple recipe. You can prepare it with the help of some frozen orange juice concentrate, vanilla soymilk, peeled and sliced banana, vanilla yogurt, honey, and ice.

Place everything in a blender and mix it until a consistent paste formed. You can also some honey if you desire. The banana oatmeal smoothie contains a peeled and sliced banana, peanut butter, flax seeds, oatmeal, milk, whey protein powder, and ice.

Healthy Smoothies Recipes To Prepare For Your Kids

Healthy Smoothies Recipes To Make

The healthy blue smoothie comes made from frozen blueberries, fresh spinach leaves, yogurt, milk, and honey. You need to blend them using a blender and then add some water if you like. There is also the delicious emerald smoothie that comes made from peeled and sliced ripe pineapple, pieces of stalk celery, spinach leaves, vanilla yogurt, and ice.

Recipes To Make For Your Kids

You can add some honey into it if you want. When making the smoothies, you will want to add some celery or carrots into it. When the contents are blended, then you can get that extra flavors from it.

Healthy Smoothies Recipes To Prepare For Your Kids

For adults, you can make use of almonds, oats bran, flaxseed, the wheat germ for fiber. They help in better digestion and offer nutrients to the body. Supposing you are using canned fruit, then you need to make sure that the juice provided.

You can also consume dark chocolate for your meals. It makes as a healthy alternative for your food items. It comes with plenty of antioxidants, including red wine. You would want to consider all these before you have them.

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